How to pronounce Porsche

If you poke around the web, you’ll find scads of people talking about the “proper” pronunciation of Porsche. If you’re “lucky”, an American will know enough to give you an answer like this:

Unfortunately, it’s still wrong. The speaker gets brownie points for knowing that it’s two syllables and that German pronounces that final ‘e’. (in English, that word-final ‘e’ has a way of changing preceding vowel sounds: spat vs. spate; cap vs. cape, etc).

So, for all of you folks that don’t speak German, here’s how you really say it. That final letter ‘e’ is something akin to the letter “E” in the name “Edward”. ‘EH’. Not ‘AY’. not ‘UH’. EH! It unusual for us English speakers, because we simply do not have words that end with the ‘eh’ sound. We tend to turn it into its nearest English approximation “uh”. (and we have lots of words with ‘uh’ at the end… killah! lol Buddha. etc.)

And while we’re on the topic, Speedy Gonzalez taught a lot of Americans wrong. It isn’t pronounced “OLAY” for ‘Olé’. Guess what! It’s the same sort of vowel sound that Porsche uses on the end. It’s the EH sound. But don’t sound gauche… it’s a fairly short EH. Start saying that “E” in “Edward” and as soon as you start saying it, STOP. Don’t lengthen it, or it comes out AY.

Alles klar?! Gut!

Bis bald.


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