Here’s an odd little part that initially missed my attention. A “Klammer” in German is a “clip”. And “steck” is something like English’s word “stick”. So, it’s a clip that you stick! When you put the top down on your Boxster, you release a small button at the upper center of your windshield. That button has a couple functions, but one of them is to disable the motion sensor part of your alarm. That way, when your kid accidentally tosses a frisbee into your open car, the alarm won’t sound. But, sometimes you might want that motion sensor to work when the top is down! Enter “Der Steckklammer”. With this OEM part, you can clip the button at the top of your windhshield where the top normally latches. The clip depresses the button for you and now your motion sensor will work when you go topless. Simple, clever, and inexpensive.

The Porsche part number is 986-504-986-00.


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